The Kitchen Cupboard {Kitchenalia Collections}

My dad collects model buses (he also has bundles of old Brentford FC programmes in his loft that go back decades), my husband, David has a huge collection of records that dominates our living room – even Lily has the collector bug. If there is a series of something – whether books or magnets that come free with a box of cereal she really has her eye on completing the whole collection. Arthur collects football cards – I find ‘swaps’ lying around all over the house. Are you a collector?

I wouldn’t say I’m a collector – at least no in a conscious, obsessive way. But I do like to see collections of certain things displayed together – there is something rather pleasing at it all. I’ve accumulated a number of cake tins over the years and now display them on a shelf above my kitchen door. I love these collections of kitchenalia – far too beautiful when displayed together to hide away in the kitchen cupboard, don’t you think?