Although the ingredients I have in my kitchen are always changing, there are a few items I'll always have to hand - ones that so often form the basis of the recipes I cook or those ingredients I know well enough to create a quick meal with free style.

Flour: plain, self-raising, strong bread flour, spelt, buckwheat, rye
Sugar: brown, white, icing
Baking powder, cream of tartare, bicarbonate of soda
Vanilla Essence
Cococa powder
Dark chocolate (70% Cococa solids)
Maple syrup
Salt: Maldon salt, cooking salt
Oils: Olive, Extra Virgin Olive, Sunflower, vegetable, rapeseed, coconut
Vinegars: balsamic, red wine, white wine, cider, malt
Mustards: English, Dijon, whole grain
Tinned tomatoes
Anchovies in oil
Olives: black, green
Rice: Arborio, basmati, jasmine, brown
Pulses: red lentils, puy lentils, cous cous, cannelloni beans, chickpeas, borlotti beans, butter beans, quinoa, bulgar wheat
Vegetable stock
Nuts: Almonds (whole and ground), walnuts, pinenuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews
Seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy
Spices: turmeric, cayenne pepper, dried chilli, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cumin,
coriander, black peppercorns,
Herbs (dried): mixed herbs, oregano, fennel seeds, caraway seeds,
Herbs (fresh): basil, flat leaf parsley, coriander, mint
Pasta: spaghetti, linguine, lasange, fusilli, penne
Dairy: plain yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, creme frachie, almond milk, butter, nut butter
Cheese: cheddar, Parmesan, feta, goat
Soy sauce
Sun-dried tomatoes
Noodles: egg, soba, rice